The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the destruction of two Ukrainian HIMARS complexes in the factory premises in Kharkov province.

“The strike with high-precision weapons destroyed two launchers of the US HIMARS multiple launch rocket system on the premises of the Ukrainian Energy Equipment Plant in Kharkov province,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement. Announcement dated 1/8.

The agency claimed the raid “destroyed 53 nationalists and foreign mercenaries”. Video shown in the announcement showed the rocket hitting a building, but did not show the destroyed HIMARS complex.

“The Russian Air Force used high-precision weapons to attack a deployment point of Ukraine’s 92nd mechanized brigade near the city of Kharkov. The raid destroyed up to 200 Ukrainian nationalists and seven units of weapons. “, the statement reads.

The Russian Defense Ministry also added that the Ukrainian 93rd mechanized brigade in the direction of Kharkov and the 128th mountain combat brigade in the direction of Zaporozhye suffered great losses, causing a series of Ukrainian units and soldiers to abandon their positions, retreat to central and western Ukraine.

Russia also said that its forces destroyed a Harpoon anti-ship missile launcher deployed by Ukraine near the village of Velikyi Dalnik, west of the city of Odessa. Russian forces destroyed two ammunition depots near Seversk and Kaleniki, Donetsk Oblast, a fuel supply hub for the Ukrainian army near Nikopol, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

Ukraine has not commented on the information of the Russian Defense Ministry.

HIMARS is a self-propelled multiple rocket launcher mounted on a wheeled chassis, developed from the M270 complex. The HIMARS system transferred to Ukraine has a crew of three, which can carry six 227 mm caliber M31 shells with a range of 80-90 km. The US has delivered to Ukraine 12 HIMARS complexes and pledged to aid 4 more.

HIMARS can help the Ukrainian army penetrate deeper into the Russian line. This is considered a weapon of hope for Ukrainian forces, as soldiers believe it can help them make a breakthrough on the battlefield.

Although Moscow has repeatedly claimed to have destroyed a number of HIMARS complexes in Ukraine, US officials believe that Russia has not yet done this. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military continues to use HIMARS to attack targets in the Russian-controlled area, including the Antonovsky bridge in Kherson province.

The face of the Ukrainian battlefield after more than 5 months of fighting.  Graphics: Washington Post.

The appearance of the Ukrainian battlefield after more than 5 months of fighting. Graphics: Washington Post .