The Portuguese football star has just finished a super luxurious summer vacation with his family in the tourist paradise of Spain.

Local news site Majorca Daily Bulletin revealed that Ronaldo’s vacation on the famous island in Spain used facilities, equipment and other expenses with a total cost of up to 30 million euros, even more. than.

The source said the Portuguese player flew to the island by private jet worth 22 million euros. He and his family had a vacation on a private yacht worth 6.5 million euros.

Ronaldo o Majorca brother 1

Also on this vacation, Ronaldo brought a Bugatti Veyron worth more than a million euros and a limited edition Mercedes costing about 300,000 euros. This Mercedes is a gift from supermodel Georgina Rodriguez to him on his 35th birthday.

According to the Majorca Daily Bulletin, Ronaldo also spent more than 14,000 euros on the cost of changing bed sheets, towels and other items at the villa on the island of Majorca. The lavish meals, the shopping of branded clothes, the Internet charges also cost a lot of money for this player

The player born in 1985 also brought a supercar during his vacation. Photo: Majorca Daily Bulletin.
Ronaldo o Majorca brother 2

The expensive expenses for this super luxury vacation are not high compared to the income of the superstar born in 1985.

Not only Ronaldo, many stars around the world often choose Majorca as an ideal summer vacation destination. The list of celebrities who choose Majorca as a summer destination can include Princess Diana, supermodel Kate Moss, chef Jamie Oliver. Former US President Obama also spent 2 consecutive years summer vacation in Majorca.

Majorca tourism is most popular from June to August despite the fact that the weather here is suitable for playing year-round. This locality is famous for its beautiful, attractive beaches. There are many beaches in Majorca but Playa Mondrago, Playa es Trenc, Sant Elm and Cala Deia are the most popular.

Of these, Playa Mondrago is the most popular because it is located near the nature reserve. Sant Elm brings an idyllic atmosphere when located next to a small village. Since Majorca’s beaches all have clear water, SUP paddling has also become popular.