The US government is asking the people of New Mexico state to share the cost of restoring damage caused by fires caused by forest rangers in April, Reuters reported on July 31

The fire – recorded as the largest wildfire in the state of New Mexico in history – was started by US rangers to prevent wildfires from spreading. However, after a series of mistakes, US officials were unable to control the fire, causing it to spread to 1,373 square kilometers, mostly privately owned forests and swamps.

During a visit to New Mexico in June, US President Joe Biden announced that the federal government would pay 100% of the cost of the remediation, as well as announced a plan to clean up the ash and protect measures. emergency protection.

However, cost-sharing regulations in the US limit the authority of the Biden administration to help those affected.

Wildfire survivor Daniel Encinias has been pledged by US Department of Agriculture officials to help with little – even no cost.

Daniel Encinias stands by the burned family home. Photo: Reuters.

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However, when he applied to the US Natural Resources Protection Agency to repair the destroyed facilities, he learned that he still had to pay 25% of the prescribed cost. His application is also only considered in September. If approved, the correction will take place 6-12 months later.

“Why should I pay when I didn’t start the fire,” said Mr. Encinias, who lost a 5-bedroom, 8-acre (about 3.2 hectares) apartment of forest, machinery and a car.

According to Laura McCarthy, a ranger in the state of New Mexico, many families cannot pay for 25% of the legal repair costs, when many forest owners are “blue-collar workers”. “They were really tough,” Ms. McCarthy said.

New Mexico Congresswoman Teresa Leger Fernandez is asking the US Department of Agriculture and the White House to reduce the cost-sharing ratio for forest owners.

“The federal government burned your houses down, so I think it’s their responsibility to pay 100% of the cost of rebuilding,” said Leger Fernandez.