A watch believed to have belonged to Adolf Hitler has sold for $1.1 million at an American auction house, among other items believed to have belonged to the Nazi leader and his wife.

The Huber watch, with its fascist emblem, Nazi eagle and initials AH, was sold to anonymous buyers through the Alexander Historical Auction House in Chesapeake, Maryland (USA). Two days of auction July 28-29, Times of Israel reported on July 30.

The auction house confirmed that the watch was a gift for Hitler on his 44th birthday in 1933. In 1945, a French soldier found the watch at the Nazi’s resort in Berchtesgaden, in the Alps. Bavaria (Germany) and seized it as a trophy.

The watch is said to belong to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. Photo: Alexander Historical Auction House. 

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Auctioneers also vie for ownership of items such as Hitler’s candy tray – which sold for $ 2,750 , Eva Braun ‘s Scottish terrier collar ( $ 4,500 ) and a beer serving tray ( $750 ), Hitler’s stationery ( $650 ), champagne glasses ( $900 ) and other personal items.

The European Jewish Association, a Brussels-based lobbying group, condemned the auction.

These items only “help those who idealize Fascist values”, or give “buyers the opportunity to please guests or relatives with items belonging to the genocide killer and supporters. , ”Mr. Menachem Margolin, president of the above association, wrote in the letter.

Auction house Alexander History has faced criticism for similar auctions, such as the one with the personal diary of Josef Mengele, a Nazi war criminal.

Responding to JTA , Bill Panagopulos, the auctioneer in charge of the auction, said the criticism was “unreasonable and provocative”.

“We sell criminal evidence, no matter how insignificant they may be. They are tangible, direct evidence that Hitler and the Fascists lived, oppressed and murdered tens of millions of people,” Panagopulos wrote. “The buyer is not a neo-Nazi.”